阴道再生可以通过各种程序来实现, 从使用激光治疗收紧阴道组织, to heightening sexual arousal by enhancing the G spot – the small spot inside the vagina that’s extremely erogenous. 劳德希尔和日出市的斯特拉克斯再生中心的整形外科医生, 佛罗里达, 对G-shot有丰富的经验吗, 使用胶原蛋白或填充物来扩大G点. 如果你准备好改善你的性体验, 联系斯特拉克斯振兴计划咨询.

阴道修复手术问 & A



在20世纪50年代,一位德国妇科医生, 的区位,M.D. identified a small spot on the inside of the vagina nearest the stomach that appeared to be extremely erogenous. 因此,该地区后来被命名为 g点. And while some in the scientific world still dispute the g点’s existence, many women claim to have found it and say it leads to heightened sexual arousal and more powerful orgasms.


The dispute continued when a California cosmetic gynecologist, David Matlock, M.D., developed a method to make the g点 more prominent, easier to find and even more sensitive. The technique is known as the 他们 — short for G-Spot Amplification — because the physician injects human engineered collagen or the injectable filler Restylane into the g点 to make it larger. The procedure is intended for sexually active women with normal sexual functioning.


A pilot study found 87 percent of women reported enhanced sexual arousal and gratification after receiving a G-shot.

这种注射被医生称为非适应症用药. 这是, the procedure is not specifically approved by the FDA but doctors are allowed to use their best judgment about what treatment works when prescribing any drug or procedure. G-shots appears to be safe enough; collagen injections have been used for many years by gynecologists to treat two unrelated conditions. 另外, a very complete medical history is required because there are about 25 other medical conditions, 包括过敏, 与胶原蛋白注射剂不相容.


While late night comedians often make light of any man’s ability to find his partner’s g点, nobody ever mentions that plastic surgeons are often in the same position.

A woman’s first visit to a surgeon or gynecologist for a G-shot involves learning about her anatomy and finding the g点 on her own. 一旦她这么做了, 并能指出来, office staff then precisely mark its location on special surgical tools.


之后,真正的注射只需要几秒钟. The g点 is then enlarged from the size of a pea to about the size of a quarter and is built up to a height of about one-quarter inch. The patient is positioned on the exam table as if she were getting a Pap smear and given some local anesthesia. Then, a specially designed speculum is used to deliver the collagen into the g点. 之后, a tampon is placed for about four hours to take care of a small amount of bleeding from the injection site.

The typical office visit for a G-shot is usually only about a half an hour with no recovery period required. Patients can count on the injections usually lasting anywhere from four to nine months; intimate relations can resume within four hours. Surgeons are also quick to say that results do vary and that some patients may notice nothing at all.

自从2004年g点扩增开始以来,美国15个州的大约26名外科医生.S. 美国各州和加拿大的一个省提供G-shot. French physicians offer a slightly different injection procedure to augment the spot.

Dr. 普拉西克的病人从威斯康辛州前往芝加哥, 明尼苏达州, 密歇根, 俄亥俄州, 肯塔基州, 印第安纳和其他中西部州.

但一旦女性的g点增大, 病人和她的伴侣还有更多的工作要做.

“它需要两个开诚布公的人, 愿意坦率地交谈,并且愿意在性方面工作, 而不是让它发生,” Dr. Placik说. “The g点 is not normally best stimulated when the couple is using the missionary position. 而, it seems to work best for my patients when the womans’ knees are up near their chests to rotate their pelvis forward.”

博士的关键. Placik’s G-shot patients is allowing the penis to strike the front wall of the vagina, 而不是后面的墙.


  • 激素分泌减少
  • The vaginal wall may thin, become inflamed, dry or even become more rigid and more lax.
  • Lubrication decreases, leading to itchiness, dryness, and discomfort – especially during intercourse
  • 胶原蛋白 fibers gradually degrade and diminish, reducing vaginal elasticity.

Juliet stimulates your body to help naturally reverse the effects of aging.  Here are some frequently asked questions and why you should visit Juliet for 激光阴道修复手术.


In the European studies, hundreds of patients were successfully treated with the Erbium: YAG laser. 之前只在欧洲和南美销售, 现在你可以享受这种特殊待遇了. 治疗的次数因病人而异. Studies show that results may be noticed after the very first session. Even so, the typical recommendation is a series of sessions which are spaced 30 to 60 days apart.


根据每个病人的需要, the laser has the unique ability to independently control the vaporization and coagulation of the aged tissue.


The procedure does not require incisions or sutures and can be performed in just a few minutes in a physician’s office or outpatient center. 治疗通常不需要任何麻醉.  然而,如果患者愿意,也可以使用麻木乳膏.


电脑控制的激光加热受损的胶原纤维. studies indicate that this stimulates your body to produce new Type III collagen, which is more elastic and helps thicken the layers to aide in retaining lubrication.


The energy it targets both mucosa and submucosa layers for improvement. Studies report that patients have remained free of symptoms well over 180 days after the first treatment.


激光刺激你的身体恢复活力. While many patients report immediate results the results are the most noticeable about six weeks after the end of the treatment protocol. Some women report temporary side effects which include slight redness or swelling. 这通常会在几天内消退.